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La Belle Ibiza welcomes you at the restaurant and in its bar/club with many events and parties, with various thematics according to the day, and with also artists shows and performances.

La Belle Ibiza offers you this so special atmosphere you can't find anywhere else on the island.

An atmosphere...

La Belle Ibiza

Quirky and heterogeneous with EL TEATRO DE LA VIDA (Tuesday & Sunday)

La Belle Ibiza

Sexy with its SHHHH....! (Wednesday)

La Belle Ibiza

Strange and extravagant with Circus, LIFE IS A CIRCUS (Thursday)

La Belle Ibiza

Ibiza style with BALEARIC NIGHT, with Jon Sa Trinxa (Friday)

La Belle Ibiza

Crazy with FREAKY PEOPLE NIGHT (Saturday)

La Belle Ibiza

Colourful and lively with THE BRUNCH BAZAR & BARBECUE (Sunday in April and May)

La Belle Ibiza

And delirious with UN BEAU BORDEL that close the season

Without forgetting the special events throughout the summer.

So, from Tuesday to Sunday, the colour of the night changes, the guests change, the DJs, the music programming, the artists, the happenings, the shows, the performances, the deco, the light change... But the atmosphere remains the same : H-A-P-P-Y.

La Belle Ibiza is first of all a state of mind, a way of being, which is reflected in our cosmopolitan and trendy guests. Friends ever more increasing, who come to have dinner or to have a drink at La Belle, and who are lookingfor this unique atmosphere.

Here, no dress-code, just an attitude-code : friendly !

Pictures and videos of the restaurant and the parties